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The Air Force Discharge Review Board (AFDRB), acting on behalf of the Secretary of the Air Force, reviews applicant's administrative discharges based on standards of equity, propriety and/or to change the reason for discharge.  Bad-conduct discharges given as a result of a special court-martial may only be upgraded based on clemency.  General court-martials and discharges over 15 years must be submitted to the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR).  The AFDRB is not authorized to revoke any discharge, reinstate any person who has been separated from the Air Force, or to recall any person to active duty.

PURPOSE:  This site contains decisional documents from November 1996 to present and is intended as a reference only.  Prior decisional documents may be obtained by writing the Armed Forces Reading Room at the Army Review Board Agency, 1941 Jefferson-Davis Highway, Crystal Mall #4, Second Floor, Arlington, VA 22202-4508.  The Armed Forces Reading Room is located on the Concourse level of the Pentagon, Washington, DC and is open Thursdays, 8:00am - 4:00pm.

NOTE:  Decisions on this site are based on individual cases and should not be interpreted as precedent.
LOCATION: Air Force Discharge Review Board VOICE PHONE:   240 857-6044
  1535 Command Drive, EE Wing, 3rd Floor DSN:   857-6044
  Andrews AFB, MD 20762-7002 FAX:   240 857-1844
    DSN FAX:   857-1844

For additional information about the AFDRB or information on submitting an application to the AFDRB please click here .

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